Schmidt Brewery Historical Building Restoration

When it comes to historical building restoration… Midwest Dry Ice Blasting has the right equipment and plenty of experience to bring back the original beauty without causing harm to the structure or surrounding area. Gentle cleaning methods are required when restoring historical buildings such as the Schmidt Brewery in St.Paul. Traditional methods of cleaning would… Read more »

Removing Mold From Concrete

We get asked this question often regarding removing mold from concrete. How do you properly clean it and leave it in it’s original state? Mold spores are constantly being deposited on these areas where you have plenty of nooks and cranny’s. Add a little moisture and mold begins to grow. One option is to use… Read more »

Schells Brewery New Ulm

Schell’s Brewery is the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the United States. Nestled in New Ulm, MN, Schell’s has been brewing beer since 1860. Yet another company we have worked with.

Fire Restoration clean-up with Dry Ice Blasting

Fire damage brings production to a halt at Kemps Dairy in Rochester MN in late January. Midwest Dry Ice Blasting to the rescue! We knew this would be a time sensitive project when we got the call and it put our crew and our Cold Jet equipment to the test. Once our crew was on-site… Read more »

What is Dry Ice

Dry Ice is Extremely Cold! Dry ice basically is the expansion of liquid carbon dioxide in a mold that creates solid snow like pellets at a temperature of -109.3F It’s the same gas that we exhale and plants use use for photosynthesis. It is useful for preserving frozen foods, ice cream, etc. It is also… Read more »

Toro General Golf Tractor One-of-a-kind

Toro General Golf Tractor Restoration Dry ice and crushed glass successfully used to restore 70 year-old historic tractor! The Situation In early 1941, three Toro General Golf Tractor s were on the production line to be built for their respective customers. When World War II started, Toro stopped all domestic mower manufacturing in order to… Read more »

Restore the Beauty of Brick

Restore the Beauty of Brick buildings with dry ice blasting. Midwest Dry Ice Blasting has what it takes to make old buildings look like new! The photo below is the Stillwater Minnesota Correctional Facility before and after so you can see the dramatic change. Our Slurry Blasting Process is chemical-free and safe for cleaning stained… Read more »