Praxair Material Safety Data Sheet

Environmental Facts about CO2 Cleaning

Did you know…

  • CO2 Cleaning is Environmentally Safe
  • CO2 Cleaning is compliant with USDA, EPA, and FDA standards
  • CO2 Cleaning has been approved for use on and around food processing equipment.
  • CO2 Cleaning does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • CO2 Cleaning generates almost no secondary waste
  • CO2 Cleaning does not leave behind the toxic chemicals that other cleaning methods do
  • CO2 Cleaning does not expose company employees to dangerous chemicals found in other cleaning methods

Other cleaning methods can be toxic

  • Sand, soda, or water blasting creates toxic waste that can be costly to control and clean up
  • Sand, soda, or water blasting can damage surrounding machinery due to over-spray
  • Soda blasting has been proven to harm vegetation
  • Chemical and solvent cleaning methods generate toxic waste that can be costly to properly dispose of
  • Workers are exposed to potentially poisonous chemical substances when dealing with solvents and other cleaning agents

Completely Environmentally Friendly

The pellets used in CO2 cleaning are manufactured entirely as byproducts from other industries, meaning its impact on the environment is virtually non-existent. The processes used to create the pellets take existing CO2 from the atmosphere and has not been shown to negatively affect the presence of greenhouse gases.

CO2 cleaning is truly, and completely, environmentally friendly!