What Is Slurry Blasting

Slurry blasting will clean surfaces that other methods cannot. Originally developed for the marine industry, slurry blasting has proven effective in cleaning many materials quickly, easily, and without damaging them. It cleans wood, plastics, composites, steel, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, concrete, asphalt, decorative pavers, stone, brick, and more. Slurry blasting has almost limitless uses in consumer, industrial, and government applications.

Slurry blasting is a low pressure system that works by adding heat to the cleaning process. This adds energy, creates free flow, adds control, and increases cleaning speeds. The system uses recycled glass media, which is made from 100% recycled glass, optimizing its properties of environmental safety, cleaning without damage, and incredible efficiency.

Cleaning equipment is available for every application. Our unit is self contained and trailer mounted, and super-compact, ultra-durable high capacity machines for the most demanding industrial applications.

Do you have a difficult cleaning problem? Do the impossible with the slurry system!


The slurry system can clean complex industrial infrastructure such as piping, valves, and intricate mechanical/hydraulic machinery can be cleaned quickly and inspected frequently without disassembly or masking. The slurry system will remove tough industrial coatings and corrosion without damaging hosing, couplings, and delicate surfaces. This one-step cleaning and surface preparation saves hours of labor in otherwise tedious and difficult maintenance chores and because the slurry system has ultra-low dispersal characteristics, it can be used in enclosed spaces without affecting nearby equipment or workers.


The slurry system easily removes spray paint and brushed-on paint from most surfaces, including stone, brick, wood, ceramic tile, plastics, metals, concrete, asphalt, and decorative pavers. The underlying surface is not damaged, and even irreplaceable historic surfaces are revealed in pristine condition! The slurry system is especially suited for urban areas, because it is environmentally safe and uses no hazardous chemicals and the process works with water at very low pressures, there are no dust clouds or widespread cleanups to contend with. Use The slurry system to remove lines from roadways and parking lots, remove chewing gum from sidewalks, and thoroughly clean intricate paver surfaces. Use it to remove durable coatings on structural applications such as bridges and retaining walls to make inspections and maintenance more thorough and effective.


The slurry system can clean hulls – fiberglass, wood, metal, or concrete – in a single day that would take as much as a week using conventional methods! On fiberglass boats, the slurry system removes bottom coatings quickly and completely, yet leaves the gelcoat intact, water tight, and ready to recoat. When you use the slurry system, you can strip, prime, and paint, all in the same day! Equally important, the slurry system can entirely eliminate tenting because its low dispersal cleaning stream is highly controlled. Old paint and anti-fouling simply drop to the ground under the boat, instead of generating clouds of contaminants as happens with sand and soda blasting.