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• Cost effective cleaning and coating removal process • Environmentally safe • Safe for use on wood & fiberglass.

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Let Midwest take care of the cleanup with our new Slurry Blasting system.

Midwest Dry Ice Blasting VideoMidwest Dry Ice Blasting Video


Our Slurry Blasting System quickly removes protective coatings, and graffiti from surfaces without damaging them. It is fully adjustable, and can remove tough industrial coatings as well as gently clean fragile historic artifacts. And because our Slurry Blasting System media is made from 100% recycled glass! – we never use chemicals or hazardous materials – our process is environmentally friendly!


Slurry Blasting Services MidWest Dry Ice Blasting

    • Remove graffiti from all surfaces
    • Remove coatings for structural inspection
    • Remove gum from sidewalks
    • Remove road / parking lot lines
    • Clean brick, wood, metals, concrete
    • Clean interlocking pavers
    • Clean anti-fouling off boat hulls
    • Restore historic buildings
    • Restore monuments and plaques


Our slurry blasting system uses up to one tenth the media volume as conventional sand blasting systems. It is one of the most environmentally responsible blast cleaning technologies on the market.  This process is also know as wet blasting. The slurry system and the specifically formulated glass media create an environmentally friendly cleaning process. Dust levels are suppressed up to 95% within the vaporized elements of slurry media, therefore allowing this extremely versatile solution to be used safely outdoors, within populated urban areas, and even in enclosed environments. The slurry media is non-toxic and completely inert, that can be used near and around water. Consistently uniform size distributions guarantee repeatable surface profiles and cleanliness.